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Panama City Beach's first and #1 Tattoo Airbrush Artist! 


We attend community events! Including charities rallies, holiday festivals, food truck rodeos, and many more!


We offer a wide range of private bookings too! From full body for your personal photoshoot; to eye-catching theater makeup for your next movie!


With over 25 years of experience our artist can make any body art experience feel unique! The possibilities of self expression are endless! 


We are fully licensed and insured.

All airbrush paint used is carefully picked for people with the most sensitive skin. 

The Artist

Hello my name is Trisha,
I am a mom of 3 children grown and out of the house now, but when they were growing up I was always creating their Halloween costumes, creating amazing school projects, and painting faces at school events. I was always painting something! This is where i realized I always had an interest in art! My children would beg me to paint things for their home décor and I loved seeing their faces light up when they saw my work.  I then purchased an airbrushing machine thinking i would use it on paper or plastic things. Then came my grandchildren wanting their faces painted for an event and realizing that instead of using paint I could use my airbrushing tools! Then began my love of doing airbrush body art! Now I am a known figure around Panama City Beach, sometimes referred to the "airbrush tattoo lady". You will see me at any major local event making everyone smile and working hard at my REDTAB booth. I recently opened a studio in Panama city Beach to do partial and full body art even when i am not at an event. I love sharing my love of airbrushing and helping people express themselves through Body art!
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